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Thank You Moms

On behalf of the staff at HOPE Farm, I would like to thank the moms who got together Monday night and threw an appreciation dinner for our staff.

We were truly blessed by your efforts and bathed in the warmth of your love. Some of our moms arranged for the catered dinner. Some served the food. Some performed, and others shared words of encouragement.

Noah’s mom, Jacki, truly touched me when she said that she had been on her knees praying for help and wisdom when Mr. Morris called and invited her son to be a part of the HOPE Farm family. She said,

“I always had faith that God would see us through. Now I have HOPE.”


So, again, thank you to all of our moms for entrusting your boys to us each day. We know that they are precious in your sight and we pray that, with God’s help, together we can raise young men who honor the Lord and serve Him all the days of their lives.

Thank you.

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