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Tom Slone, a longtime friend, supporter, and donor of Hope Farm, had a longing desire to provide vocational training for our young leaders at Hope Farm.

In honor of, and as a legacy tribute to Tom’s life, Tom’s beautiful widow, Fran, made a good faith donation to see Tom’s dream realized.   Fran’s donation set in motion the Slone Vocational Center (SVC) planning team in the spring of 2020. Since then, we have been diligently working towards bringing the dream to life!

The SVC office space will be the epicenter of Hope Farm’s collaboration with community partners, Texas Workforce Commission, Tarrant County College, FWISD, professional partners for internship placement and so much more.  Students will get to experience and explore vocational fields they most likely would have never considered before their SVC experiences

The SVC will provide opportunities, training, certifications, and internship placements that will allow our students to go directly into careers.  Ultimately, a student’s SVC experience will provide them and their families with pathways to build financial stability, the prospect for creating entrepreneurship, and for some, the beginning of thriving, independent business ownership. 

In addition to the incredible professional and educational partnerships that are helping to lay the path of success for the SVC, we need the ongoing support of our volunteers!  

If you are interested in partnering or supporting the SVC project, please contact us:

Tom Slone