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Super Heroes Do Exist!

Super Heroes Do Exist!HOPE Farm celebrated Black History Month with a program on February 23 at 6pm in the Family Life Center to a packed house.  For the second year in a row, staff member Trinell Parrish-Brown wrote an original work called African American Heroes which featured acting, dancing, and music performed by the boys and moms of HOPE Farm.

The play opened with a younger brother running around his older brother who was trying to write a paper for a homework assignment.  The younger brother was flying around with a cape pretending to be a super hero while the older brother tried to concentrate on his paper about Black History Month.  After a few minutes, the older brother decided to be patient and teach his younger brother about real super heroes of the past—specifically, heroes from the African American past.

In addition to special performances by dancers and the choir, the audience learned about Sydney Poitier, Nat Turner, Daniel Hale Williams, Scott Joplin, George Washington Carver, Fredrick Douglass, Jacob Lawrence, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, and Harriett Tubman.  The boys loved being a part of a production that celebrated their past and acknowledged their heroes.

Super Heroes Do Exist!

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