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Noble Crawford, Jr. Answers the Call

Noble asked, and God answered. God led, and Noble followed. Following God’s direction meant that Noble would dedicate the next 30 years of his life providing a safe place for at-risk boys without fathers living in the home. But, these last 30 years have been much more than that.

Noble Crawford, Jr. Answers the CallNoble Crawford and Gary Randle bought, cleaned and restored an old crack house on the south side of Fort Worth—then and now, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Worth well known for drug and violent gang activity. They wanted to be in the middle of the problem and opened their doors in 1997. In a recent interview with the Star-Telegram, Noble said that “we are teaching them (the boys) to be leaders, and, in doing so, by default, they’re going to influence their peers. Our hope is that their positive influence would inhibit their peers from doing something that’s criminal.”

Noble’s incredible resume which includes military service, criminal investigation, and hours of volunteer service in the community is not the only thing that makes Noble’s contribution in this life so important. What sets Noble apart from other men is his heart and his ability to listen, serve, and love—always giving the credit to God. TCU Women’s Tennis Coach Lee Walker put it perfectly when he said to Noble, “Your love for the Lord and the Lord’s love for you is so evident in how you love others!”

After HOPE Farm talked Noble out of retiring for the last few years, he finally decided it was time to start his new chapter with his beautiful bride Mae who has stood by his side and has been a consistent presence at HOPE Farm for the last 30 years. The young men who have come through the program and the staff that has had the privilege to know Noble have felt forever honored to have spent time learning from him, hearing his wisdom, and knowing his unconditional love. Thank you, Noble Crawford, for you incredible years of service to HOPE Farm.

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