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Mother’s Resource Program

We Love Our Moms!!

The Mothers’ Resource Program (MRP) assists the moms of HOPE Farm boys with spiritual and inspirational encouragement and provides structural tools to help them partner with HOPE Farm. The partnership promotes HOPE Farm’s philosophy, goals and objectives, and maximum impact in the lives of the boys.

Mother's Resource Program

The MRP Program supports our moms in many ways:

  • COVID Resources for Moms
  • Health and nutrition forums conducted by local health professionals
  • Finance and money management seminars conducted by financial planners
  • Regular review and update of program objectives and policies
  • Parent University and V.I.B.E. Coaching Teams
  • Q & A sessions that address real and relevant concerns from the moms
  • One-on-one parent/staff meetings to gain insights concerning the effect of the home environment and other family relationships on the boy’s behavior
  • Moms are required to complete weekly reports evaluating the boy’s attitude, responsibility for, and completion of domestic tasks
  • Biblical lifestyle, support, accountability &  mentorship
  • Provision of Licensed Counseling support for the family, when needed
Mother's Resource Program

Just a few volunteer opportunities in the following areas encourage the moms to invest in the program:

  • Gardening Support
  • Organizational and Office Support
  • Spring Break Basketball C.L.I.N.I.C.
  • Annual Fall Festival
  • Kitchen Support
  • Facilities Support (painting, spring cleaning, etc.)
  • Provide Tours of the campus

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