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Our Mission

HOPE Farm is a leadership program guiding at-risk boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity

Here at HOPE Farm, we measure success in demonstrable behavioral change. HOPE Farm works directly with parents and teachers to create accountability and a “life plan” for each boy. The plan is charted through specialized behavioral accountability folders and regular communication among each educator, HOPE Farm Staff member and caregiver in the life of the child.

In 2019, nearly  2.5 million children, or 35% of all children in Texas, lived in a single-parent home,  including roughly 300,000 in Dallas and Tarrant Counties. Female-headed households are twice as likely as male-headed households to be in poverty and over five times as likely as married couple households (Tarrant County Public Health, 2004).


Fatherless children are at greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance, teen pregnancy, and criminality. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics, Survey on Child Health, Washington, DC, 1993)

“The economic consequences of a [father’s] absence are often accompanied by psychological consequences, which include higher-than-average levels of youth suicide, low intellectual and education performance, and higher-than-average rates.”


HOPE Farm mentors boys from single-parent homes who lack a positive male influence in their lives. The youth enter the program between the ages of 5 and 7 and the program is designed to nurture them through high school.

HOPE Farm currently has three campuses (two in Fort Worth and one in Dallas). The bulk of our 30 employees are program-oriented and spend their time teaching, coaching, and mentoring HOPE Farm boys and their families.

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