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From The Desk of Sacher Dawson

From The Desk of Sacher DawsonHello, HOPE Farm friends and supporters!

We recently completed our annual summer camp which had a tremendous impact on the HOPE Farm boys as well as the community. The camp lasted the entire month of June and it was consumed with fun, laughter, learning and fellowship.

Our theme for Summer Camp and the remainder of the summer was “Abide.” I John 1:3 states “that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the
Father and his Son Jesus Christ.”

Let me share three things with you that I believe the Lord wants us to know about abiding in Christ! First, the importance of fellowship or communication is in the New Testament over 20 times. Fellowship involves communicating with God and communicating with others about God. Another way we have fellowship with Christ is when we contribute to his work. What a great blessing and opportunity to be able to give!

Secondly, the importance of fruitfulness or being profitable and/or productive is a big part of abiding in Christ. We are saved so that we might be profitable for the Kingdom of God! What are we producing in our lives that will last? We are producing fruit in the lives of our boys. We are sowing seeds in their lives.

Finally, the importance of faithfulness- Jesus encourages us to be faithful and we are urged to abide in Him. I believe rightly that God measures success through our faithfulness.

We know that God has been faithful to HOPE Farm and we will continue to abide in His word to help transform our young men.

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