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Building A Future in Dallas

For more than 25 years, Hope Farm has made a positive impact on the lives of single moms and their sons. Our newest campus in South Dallas is in the 75215 zip code. This area is in the 9th percentile for safety and has also produced the most inmates in the state of Texas, which is more than any other zip code in the last 3 years.

Our Dallas campus opened two months before the March 2020 shutdown. As the staff began helping those Dallas families with food and electronic devices, these families did not even truly know Hope Farm. We were able to show them unconditional love from the very beginning, but it was hard because we had not built up their trust. A year later, during the summer of 2021, Hope Farm Dallas lost one of its moms to cancer. We were able to stand beside her during her last months and support her four boys during that time. It was a really hard time for those boys and our Hope Farm family.

A little more than two years since the opening of our Dallas campus, we have seen so much growth. This school year has been full of positive experiences with the Dallas families as they build. They built relationships with the local sheriff, police, EMT, Air Care and Fire Department during a Christmas parade that they organized in South Dallas. They have built up their enrollment from the 5 boys they started with before Covid to now 22 boys. They are building a backyard playground with generous donors and volunteers that contains a basketball court, volleyball court, soccer goal and picnic area. What an incredible year of building this has been!

Big things are happening in this 75215 zip code that has seen a history of devastating statistics. Hope Farm Dallas is determined to change those statistics one boy at a time – all three of our campuses are making an impact every single day. These boys and their single moms, who are a part of the Hope Farm experience, are a part of building and feeling HOPE. If a child is allowed to HOPE and DREAM, then his world grows beyond his city block. If a child is allowed to see possibilities and be told that he can do anything he puts his mind to, then he will know that all things are possible.

Building A Future in Dallas
HOPE Farm – Dallas

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